We process the statements monthly. Once we receive the invoices from the cleaners, linen and booking platforms, we can calculate th expenses for your accommodation property and will be paid by the 11th of each month. For example: Bookings for January will be paid to you by the 11th of February.

We use Airbnb, Booking.com, Stayz Homeaway, Destination NSW, Orange 360, YourStay Group website. We also get a lot of booking through word of mouth & revisiting guests that don’t require the use of a booking platform.

We are available to the guests 24/7 by phone. However in the event of the guest needing us at the property one of the YourStay Group team can be there in no time.

We charge 15% for our management, this includes handing of all reservations across all booking platforms, which includes payments, cancellations, recommendations, check in and out procedures, enquiries, guest conflicts, management of cleaners & maintenance.
Addition charges are cleaning costs, maintenance charges, consumables and linen.

This is another option available at an additional charge, if you wish to provide wine or gifts to your guests we can arrange this for you and add it to your end of month expenses charge.

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